Vicki Gunvalson Net Worth & Biography (2022)


Victoria Gunvalson known as Vicki Gunvalson is an American celebrity and businesswoman. She is famous for her role as a housewife. “The real housewives of Orange County” an American reality TV series. She is part of the series from season one. Vicki is a symbol of success for modern women. She is a successful businesswoman and a reality TV show celebrity.

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Vicki Gunvalson Net Worth & Biography

Bio & Personal Life

Vicki Gunvalson was born in Chicago on Tuesday, 27th March 1962. Age of Vicki Gunvalson is 57 years. Vicki Gunvalson’s height is 5ft 6 inches. She celebrated her 57th birthday on Wednesday 27th March. Victoria Gunvalson has four siblings. Father of Vicki Gunvalson was an owner of a construction company. Just like her role in a reality TV show; her mother was also a housewife. Father of Vicki Gunvalson died in 1991 due to Alzheimer’s disease. Her father taught her to be thankful, and she learned all the work ethics from her father.

Marriage & Love Life

Vicki Gunvalson married at a young age. When she was 21 years old, she married Michael J. Wolfsmith. Her first marriage with Michael J. Wolfsmith ended in 8 years, and she got a divorce at the age of 29. Her second marriage was with Donn Gunvalson. Vicki Gunvalson married Don Gunvalson in 1994. Vicki and Donn Gunvalson filed a divorce in 2010. Marriage union between Vicki Gunvalson and Donn Gunvalson ended up in divorce in 2014.

Vicki Gunvalson is now engaged with her boyfriend Steve lodge. Steve Lodge is the brother of famous American game show host Roger Lodge. She loves to spend her quality time with her love partner and boyfriend Steve Lodge.


Vicki Gunvalson had two children from her first marriage with Michael J. Wolfsmith. She had a son and daughter from her first marriage. Victoria named her daughter Briana Culberson and her son was named after her father, Michael Wolfsmith. After her divorce at the age of 29, she raised her children as a single mother.

Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson opted for a career in nursing. Briana Culberson is now married and has two children Owen and Troy. Victoria is now a proud grandmother of Owen and Troy.

Business Career

Vicki Gunvalson after her divorce from Michael J. Wolfsmith, did a part-time job at her father’s construction company. As she was a single mother and had to support her children. After some time, she purchased an insurance policy for her children.

Her friends and family suggested her to sell an insurance policy. She worked on suggestion and got herself a license to sell an insurance policy. She became salesperson of the year in her company during her first year of the job.

In 1994 she married Donn Gunvalson and started her own insurance company with Donn Gunvalson. She is now the owner of Coto insurance and financial services. Vicki Gunvalson’s son Michael work’s in her company as a vice president.

Today Vicki Gunvalson net worth is $7 million.

TV Career & Controversy

Vicki Gunvalson also worked in a TV reality show named as “The real housewives of orange county.” The show premiered its first season in 2005. Vicki is part of the show from the first season. The TV reality show is shot in the office, home and backyard of Vicki Gunvalson. So far thirteen seasons of the show have aired.

Little controversy also surrounded the show. Vicki Gunvalson accused her co-actor Kelly Dodd of taking cocaine during shootings. Kelly Dodd denied the accusations and announced that she wouldn’t return to the show with Vicki Gunvalson. Later, the news came on different news outlets that Kelly Dodd will return to the series.

Vicki Gunvalson per season income from the reality TV show is $500 thousand.

Profile Summary

Vicki Gunvalson has struggled and worked very hard to become a successful woman. She raised her children as a single mother and started a successful insurance business. Her marriage’s ended up in a divorce, but still, she didn’t give up. Vicki Gunvalson is an inspiration for young women and single mothers.

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