Thomas Ravenel Net Worth & Biography (2022)

Thomas Ravenel Net Worth: $6 Million

Date of Birth11 August 1962
ProfessionPolitician, Former State Treasurer
Net worth $ 2 million


Thomas Ravenel was born on 11 August 1962 in Charleston, South Carolina in the United States. He is also Former State Treasurer and a Politician. Moreover, he is also the son of Arthur Ravenel Jr, who is also the former Congressman of South Carolina.

Previously, he starred on the Bravo’s reality series in Southern Charm. Furthermore, in the election of 2014, he is the independent candidate for the United State Senate. In Charleston, Thomas Ravenel is also the member of Huguenot Church.


Thomas Ravenel Net Worth Biography, Early Life, and Career

Now, talking briefly about Thomas Ravenel Biography, Early Life, and Career.


His birth name is Thomas Ravenel, and he was born in Charleston, United States. The height of the Thomas is 6 feet, and his weight is 79 Kg approximately. Furthermore, his Biceps size is 15.5 inches, and his shoe size is 10 US.

Moreover, his chest size is 40, Waist size is 32, and hip size is 35 inches. The color of his skin is White Tone. Thomas has blue eyes, and his hair color is Light Brown. Besides of, he likes to keep clean cut around his face, and his age is 57 years.

Early Life

Thomas grew up in Charleston, the United States, which is also his birthplace. The father name of Thomas is Renowned Arthur Ravenel, and the mother name is Louise Rodgers.

Moreover, the father of Thomas is a successful businessman, and also former Congressman in South Carolina. He is a star of reality television series. Thomas has a total of 5 Siblings. Moreover, He has two brothers and three lovely sisters in siblings.

The name of his sisters is Renee Brockinton, Eva Ravenel, and Suzanne Ravenel. Furthermore, his brother’s name is Arthur III and William Ravenel.

Thomas received a degree of Bachelor from the Citadel in Charleston in 1985. After receiving a degree of Bachelor, in 1991 from South Carolina University he passed the MBA in Finance and real estate.

Business Career

Before becoming a Politician, he started his career as a businessman. In 2004, the political career of Thomas commenced its foundation. Moreover, Thomas was trying to achieve or take that seat, which Fritz Hollings left after his retirement.

It is the reason that he had decided to take the Senate seat of USA. Thomas was in the Republican party which was running for the place. He got the third position in the Primary Elections.

In the Republican party, Jim DeMint was also present. Due to the support of Thomas, Jim DeMint won the General Election and also won the party. By Thomas Ravenel, the process of the election completed incorrectly.

So, the Federal Election Commission had split 19000 US dollars fine to Thomas. Though he has defeated, and also paid a fine, but he did not his zeal to die for politics.

Besides of, during the general election of 2006, he ran for the South Carolina State Treasurer. During the election, by defeating the ‘Grady Patterson,’ he won the seat. In 2012, Thomas was supporting the Republican primaries behind ‘Ron Paul.’ Thomas once more lived in 2014 as the US Senate of South Carolina.

He eventually lost it, although Tomas was running as an Independent candidate. After that, Thomas took a new turn in his career. He took part in the reality series of Southern Charm on Bravo TV series.

Due to taking part in reality series, he became a viral star, and the Thomas Ravenel Net worth also increased.

Personal Life

Tomas Ravenel married life story is an inherent drama. In 1995, he married the daughter of former Air Force Chief. The name of Air Force Chief’s daughter is ‘Mary Ryan.’ They have a good married life and also Prosperous.

In 1998, the former couple got separated. After divorce, Thomas began dating with the TV star, model, and an actress, named ‘Kathryn Dennis’ in 2014. Moreover, Thomas married Kathryn Dennis.

The former couple shared two children. “Kensington Calhoun Ravenel” and “St. Julien Rembert Ravenel” are the names of kids. Unfortunately, in 2015, Thomas and Kathryn Dennis got separated.

Thomas has no other children from other commitments.

Thomas Relationship and Controversy

In the age of 56, Thomas Ravenel also dated ‘Ashley Jacobs.’ Nowadays, Thomas and Ashley have split up. There is a lot of controversies created when Thomas said to Ashley that she cheats on him with another man.

However, Thomas told a false story about his ex-girlfriend, so, in August 2018, he apologized back. Previously, he had dated with the ‘Candace Yearwood.’ Thomas lived with Candace for a short time.

After that, Thomas began dated with Danielle Tosi. Thomas gave a ring to Danielle as a gift. When Thomas demanded back of his ring, Danielle sued a lawsuit against him. Due to this reason, they got separated.

Federal Drug Charges

Thomas indicted on federal cocaine distribution charges by the US Attorney in 2007. The reason of alleged assaults is that Thomas Purchased less than 500 grams cocaine in South Carolina, Charleston, through an intermediary.

Moreover, Governor Mark Sanford suspended Thomas Ravenel from his duties of State Treasure due to learning the charges against Thomas. The Columbia Attorney appointed Ken Wingate on the seat of Thomas.  

Thomas Ravenel Net worth

He made a good fortune for himself. About the Thomas Ravenel Net worth is approximately 2 million US dollars, and the per season salary in the South Charm is 25 Thousand US dollars.

Social Media Life Thomas Ravenel

On social media, he is a very active person. Thomas Ravenel has an account on Instagram and Twitter. Due to some reason, there is no access to Thomas Ravenel Instagram account.

Besides of, Thomas Ravenel is available on Twitter. The user name on Twitter is @Thomasravenel. There is a massive number of fans following to Thomas on Twitter. About an estimated, 97.9 Thousand people are the followers of Thomas Ravenel.

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