Tamra Judge Net Worth & Biography (2022)

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Tamra Sue Waddle or Tamra Judge is an American celebrity and entrepreneur. She is a TV producer for different shows like Orange County, Erasing Family, and Royal Pains. Tamra Judge also owns a fitness gym. She is a successful businesswoman and TV producer.

In this article, Fanatical Hub fans found Tamra Judge Net Worth, age, house, spouse, boyfriend, and many more.

Tamra Judge Net Worth and Biography

Bio & Early Life

Tamra Judge was born in California, USA on Saturday, 2nd September 1967. Age of Tamra Judge is 51 years. Tamra Judge’s height is 5ft and 3.5 inches. She will celebrate her 52nd birthday on Monday 2nd September 2019.

She has one brother, Kenny Barney. In her early life, she faced so many financial difficulties. She claims that she worked in a school library in her early days. Her claim is not yet confirmed. Tamra Judge hasn’t shared much information about her childhood and early life.

Marriage & Love Life

Tamra Judge married Darren Vieth in 1985. Marriage union between Tamra judge and Darren lasted only for five years. Tamra Judge and Darren separated in 1990.

Tamra Judge then married to Simon Barney in 1998. Simon Barney is an actor. He has appeared in different TV shows. The union of marriage between Tamra Judge and Simon Barney ended with a divorce in 2011.

After her divorce from Simon Barney, Tamra Judge fell in love with Eddie Judge. Tamra Judge married her boyfriend Eddie Judge in 2013. Eddie Judge is an American businessman and has appeared on TV with Tamra.

The venue of marriage between Eddie and Tamra Judge was Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, USA. Six years have passed, and marriage between Tamra Judge and Eddie Judge is going strong.


Tamra Judge has four children, two sons, and two daughters. Rayan Vieth is the elder son of Tamra Judge. Tamra Judge gave birth to Rayan from her first marriage with Darren Vieth. Rayan Vieth, Tamra Judge’s son is now a businessman.

Tamra Judge from her second marriage with Simon Barney mothered three children. She has two daughters and one son from Simon Barney. Tamra Judge’s daughter names are Sophia Barney and Sidney Barney. Her son name is Spencer Barney. Tamra Judge has no children from Eddie Judge.

The relationship between Sidney Barney and Tamara Judge is not good. Tamra revealed in a TV reality show that she and Sidney Barney are not speaking at all. Tamra Judge daughter Sophia Barney pursued her career in singing. She released her first song last year in August. Son of Tamra Judge Spencer Barney turned 18 in 2018. Spencer Barney graduated from high school last year.

Business Career

Tamra is also a businesswoman. Her first job was at a famous fast food restaurant burger king. In her early life, she also worked in real estate business as a realtor. Tamra Judge worked as a realtor at Coto De Casa and Ladera Ranch.

The career of Tamra Judge started growing once she appeared on a TV reality show. The real housewives of orange county is a reality show. The TV show depicts the professional and personal life of housewives living in orange county.

Currently, Tamra Judge is in business with her husband, Eddie Judge. Tamra and Eddie Judge own a fitness club named Cut fitness.

Net Worth:

Tamra Judge net worth is $800 thousand.

TV Career & Accident

Tamra Judge first appeared on The real housewives of orange county in season 3. The show has changed the career dynamics of Tamra Judge. The show is shot in the house and workplace of Tamra Judge. After her appearance, she has produced other TV shows like Erasing family and Royal Pains.

Tamra Judge also got in a severe accident. She, along with Viki Gunvalson, was severely injured in this accident. The accident occurred when ATV with the cast of the show flipped. Tamra and Viki both were rushed to the hospital.

Tamra also threatened her co-actor Kelly Dodd. These threats stirred a controversy. After her threats, Kelly Dodd demanded to remove Tamra Judge from the show.

Tamra Judge net income from the TV show per season is $3.5 million.

Profile Summary

Tamra Judge is one of the successful entrepreneur and celebrity. Tamra struggled early in her life and career. She faced financial issues in early life. Tamra claims that she worked in the library. Tamra Judge also worked as a waitress in a famous fast food restaurant.

Two of her marriages ended up with divorce. She raised all her children and worked as a realtor. TV show changed her life, and now she is the owner of a gym club, and she announced a new business venture this year. She is also a role model for modern women.

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