Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth & Biography (2022)

You must have watched the famous show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill”. If you have, they must definitely be a fan of the main character, Lisa Vanderpump. It won’t be wrong to call her the Queen of this show.

Lisa Vanderpump has got millions of fan following from around the globe. She is famous not only because of this show but also due to her lifestyle, worth, lavish houses and restaurants and much more. In fact, she is the richest housewife we have ever seen.

In this article, Fanatical Hub fans found Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth, age, house, husband, social profiles, biography, lifestyle and many more.

Let’s move forward and learn more about the lavish lifestyle and family of this great woman.

How much does Lisa Vanderpump Net Worth?

  • The most extravagant and expensive restaurant in Beverly Hills is owned by Lisa.
  • She is running a various project on health including the famous AIDS walk.
  • Lisa is the owner of another popular and profligate restaurant in Hollywood which is specifically for the Hollywood actors and rich businessmen.
  • She is also involved in lots of charity work across the USA.
  • She is famous for her dedicated organization for pets, “Vanderpump Dogs.”
  • The award of the highest paid character in the famous show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hill” also goes to Lisa. She was paid more than $450,000 alone in the fourth season of this show.
  • According to a new estimate in 2019, the total net worth of Lisa Vanderpump crosses $70 million.

It is a famous saying that most rich people aren’t happy people. To find whether it is true or not, let’s put a glance at the personal life of Lisa.

Personal Life of Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa is happily married with two children, Max Todd, and Pandora Todd. Her husband is Kenn Todd, who is also a rich businessman and owner of several top-class motels and restaurants in the USA.

  • Lisa is married for 30 years with Kenn Todd.
  • The couple has enjoyed the most amazing love story. They fell in love and got married just after the interaction of six weeks.
  • Lisa and her husband, both look after their restaurants which are chained all over the USA.
  • Lisa is a lover of pets especially dogs and that is why she has opened her own pet house in the US.
  • The family has spent some part of their life in Europe and some in California. They decided to leave California after an earthquake hit the region in the early 90’s.
  • She is well-known for her nickname, pinky.
  • Lisa has been attending various drama schools since her school life. She also had a dream of opening her own motel one day.
  • This creative lady even designs most of her attires herself. Women all over the world drool on the designs set by her.
  • Both, Lisa and her husband are great supporters of various charity organizations all around the world.
  • Lisa had only one Brother, Mark Vanderpump who died on April 30, 2018. However, she has a niece and a Nephew.

Social Life of Lisa Vanderpump

Like all other celebrities, Lisa also has huge fan-following on her social networks. She is most active on Twitter, with a tweet of around 23,000. Moreover, she has got around 1.9 million tweet followers.

Same is the case with her Instagram fan-following. With more than 1000 posts, this great American woman has over 2 million followers with plenty of appreciation and positivity from her followers.

She also runs her own blog where she shares her personal life, her interests and the way she lives.

If you look at this perfect lady, you will be shocked to know that she is over 55 years old but looks as young as a 35 year.

Plastic Surgery of Lisa Vanderpump – Rumors or Reality?

The most commonly asked question everywhere on the internet is:

“Did Lisa really go under the knife?”

All of us heard news about her recent facelift and cosmetic treatments all over the media.

Well, let’s see if it’s the truth or not.

During an interview. Lisa was being asked about her plastic surgery and the rumors on the internet. To our surprise, she spoke up honestly about all the face procedures she went through. She accepted the fact that she had been seeing a plastic surgeon and got various face treatments. “It’s a requirement in our industry”, Lisa says.

We are impressed by the honesty and straightforwardness of this great American lady who is not only honest about her surgery but also about her age.

She also confessed about various lip fillers.

The honesty of Lisa makes all of us women proud and it removes our insecurities about our age.

So, this was the lavish lifestyle and personal life of one of the humblest celebrities and businesswomen we know. She is the kind of women, every woman should be!

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