Lisa Rinna Net Worth & Biography (2022)

Lisa RinnaIntroduction:

Lisa Rinna is an actor who needs no introduction. She is one of the well-known actresses of Hollywood. Her charming personality and unmatchable acting skills have made her earn fame. She well known for her role in NBC’s soap opera “Days of our lives.” She has also been stared in Bravo’s reality Tv show “The real housewives of Beverly Hills.” In 2009, Lisa published her first book, which is called “Rinnavation.” She happily disclosed her diet and secrets in her book. She shared with the fans-that how what are secret of living a happy life.

In this article, Fanatical Hub fans found Lisa Rinna Net Worth, age, house, husband, plastic surgery, social profiles, biography, lifestyle, and many more.

Lisa Rinna Net Worth & Biography

Bio and Early life:

Lisa Deanna Rinna, known as just Lisa Rinna in the industry, was born in the state of California in the United States of America. Her date of birth is 11th July 1963.  Lisa Rinna’s age is 55y. She was born to her parents Louis Rinna and her father, Frank Rinna. She has a sister named Nancy Rinna. Lisa shifted to Medford, Oregon, along with her family, when she was seven. She spent her life till graduation in Medford. Lisa completed her graduation from Medford-High school. In her school days, she was part of the group called “Brownies.” Her favorite sports are Tennis and sport skiing.

After her graduation, she shifted to San Francisco to start her career as a model. Her height is 5 feet 4inches. Lisa began her career as a model and did low profile work. She was first recognized when she 22 years old. Her first video was John Parr’s “Naughty Naughty.”

Marriage and personal life:

Lisa Rinna married in 1997 to the actor Harry Hamlin. Before Harry, she does not have any marriage history. Although Lisa has been in a few relationships.  In 1989 Lisa was in a relationship with Peter Barton. They broke up in 1992 after which she got together with her ex names Todd Nelson.

Her marriage with Harry Hamlin has been successful so far.  The couple has starred in many Tv shows and film productions. The couple has two daughters. Their first child Delilah Belle was born on 10th June 1998. Gray, their second child, was born on 13th June 2001. Lisa and Harry love their daughters, allot.

Career and Business:

As already mentioned, Lisa started her career as a model, and after that, she goes on to become an actor. Her debut in the video “Naughty Naughty” proved to pave her way to big projects. In 1992 she was cast in Billie Reed’s soap opera “Days of our lives.” She stayed in the Tv show from 1992 to 1995 and came back again in the year 2002 to 2003. It is because of this soap opera that she got recognition worldwide. From 1996 to 1998, she worked in super primetime shows called “Aaron Spelling’s Melrose Place.” After her marriage with the actor Harry, she appeared on many versatile scenes. Lisa also appeared in the teen series “Hannah Montana.” She along with her husband Harry appeared in the episode of “Movie stars” which was a great hit. Lisa and her husband have their reality Tv show named “Harry Loves Lisa.”

She wanted to work as a model since she was very young. After gaining fame in her acting career, she has been part of many cover shoots. Lisa has appeared on the cover page of the magazine “Playboy” and many others. In the cover photo of “Playboy, “she appeared nude while she was pregnant with her baby. Lisa, along with her husband Harry started their own business called QVC in April 2012. It is a clothing brand. It has been a great success since them. In 2014 Lisa Rinna was cast for the fifth season of “The real house of Beverly Hills.” Lisa’s net worth right now Is approximately $8 million. Her net worth will surely increase following her roles in the future.

Beauty and plastic surgery:

Lisa Rinna has always been fond of taking care of herself. But unlike some other actors, she loves to tell her beauty secrets with her fans. She has maintained excellent health and figure at the age of 55. She has a healthy weight of 57kg. Lisa Rinna’s hairstyle has always been standard to some. She has maintained the same hairstyle for many years. Her hair cut is bob cut, which suits her personality.

Lisa Rinna has gone under many plastic surgeries. When Lisa was 24 years old, she went through her first lip surgery. She has her top lip filled with silicone. She loved her silicone lips initially, but they got bumpy and hard with time. Beside her lip injection, Lisa has also admitted that she got filler and Botox on her face.

Fans mad fun of Lisa Rinna when her lip augmentation did not turn out well. But Lisa still did not regret getting them because according to her, it was not until she got her lip fillers that she got any significant role in the industry.

Social Media:

Lis Rinna is active on many social media accounts. She is most active on Instagram, where she has almost 1.3 million followers. On her Twitter account, Lisa has 17.1k followers. She posts several pictures of her family and herself on her Instagram account.

Answers of Frequent Asked Question (FAQ’s):

Does Lisa Rinna have any sibling?

Ans: Lisa Rinna has one sister named Nancy Rinna. We do not know much about her sister.

What is Lisa Rinna famous for?

Lisa Rinna is very famous for the soap opera named “Day of our lives.” Lisa is very well known for her appearance on the reality Tv show, “The real wives of Beverley Hills.”

Has Lisa undergone full-face plastic surgery?

No, the prominent surgery that she has is of silicone injection on her lips.

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