Kyle Richards Net Worth & Biography (2022)


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Kyle Richards is a beautiful American actress, philanthropist, a successful businesswoman, and a, Tv personality. She is well known for her work in Tv shows such as “The real housewives of Beverly Hills” and “The little house of Prairie,” where she was hired as a child star. Kyle Richards has participated in many charity raising activities. She primary wants to work to fight against cancer. She is the author of the book “Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real With the Housewife Who Does It, All” is a book written to help people.

In this article, Fanatical Hub fans found Kyle Richards Net Worth, age, house, husband, social profiles, biography, lifestyle and many more.

Kyle Richards Net Worth and Biography

Net Worth:

Kyle Richards net worth is $5 million and salary per season is $270,000.

Bio and Early life:

Kyle Egan Richard was born in Hollywood, California on 11th of January, 1969. She is known as simply Kyle Richards in the industry. Since her childhood, she was very keen to act which eventually resulted in her being hired as a Child actor when she was 4 in the year in 1974. Kyle Richard’s age is 50y. Her height is 5′ 2″ (1.57 m).

Her Parents; Kathleen Mary Richards and father named Kenneth Edwin Richards got separation when she was just 3 years old in the year 1972. Her father was a businessman. Kyle Richards has sisters named Kim Richard and Kathy Hilton. Kim has also worked with Kyle several times and like her sister Kim too started her career as a child actor. She is an aunt to the actor, Paris Hilton.

Marriage and Personal life:

Kyle Richards got married at a very young age. She got married to Guraish Aldjufrie from Indonesian in the year 1988. Before their marriage, she was already pregnant with their daughter Farrah. Their relationship lasted for 2 years and they got divorced in 1990.

Kyle’s husband from her second marriage, Mauricio Umansky was a real estate agent. They both got married in January of 1996. Kyle is still married to Mauricio and they both have 3 beautiful daughters; Alexia, Sophia, and Portia. Since their marriage, they maintained a very healthy relationship and are still living a happy life.

Business and Tv Shows:

Kyle and her husband Mauricio are considered “First Family” in Los-Angeles Children’s hospital. Where they are said to have donated more than $100,000. Besides this, they tend to donate and raise many charity events.

Tv Shows:

Kyle found much money and fame in her reality Tv show “The real housewives of Beverly Hills”. Which is aired on the Tv channel Bravo and casts Lisa Venderpump and Lisa Rinna besides others and Kyle Richards.  Kyle is one the longest running housewife of the show. Her pay currently for per season is $270,000, which is Kyle Richards net worth right now. It Is also rumored that in no less time, Kyle will be starting her Tv series “American Woman.” Kyle says that this show will be based on her moms and how she raised Kyle and her sisters in the 1970s. She has also been cast in many movies such as the classic of 1978 “Halloween.”

Along with all her Tv shows, Kyle Richards run her in store which is named as “Kyle by Alene Too”. It sells designer clothing, shoes, and all women accessories.

She along with her husband Mauricio who has an income of $40 million, bought a mansion in 2017 for $8.2 million. After they sold their previous house in Bel-Air which was also 7 bedrooms. Their new mansion has its own swimming pool, home theatre, spa and lawn along with other things.

Kyle Richards Instagram:

Kyle Richards is highly active on her Instagram. She currently has 2.6m followers and posts pictures with her family quite often. She has a hobby of posting her daily skin and hair care routine on Instagram.

Plastic Surgery:

Later in November 2018, she posted a picture on Instagram, where many fans commented that she must have undergone in some kind of plastic surgery since she looked different than usual.  A lot of fans were curious to know how she was looking so much younger and beautiful. Kyle went to her comment section and commented that she did not have had nay lip fillers and had beautiful skin because of her mother.

She although confirmed that she had her nose and Botox done in 2006 and said that it was laser who was to be credited for her younger look. To an interview with The weekly, she opened up and said that “My nose bothered me for a very long time” and having it done made her feel much better about herself.

Kyle Richard’s beauty routine:

The star of The Housewives of Beverly Hills has been asked multiple times about how she takes cares of her skin and hair. Since she is active on her Instagram, she does not hesitate at all to share some tips with the fans.

Through the Instagram stories of Kyle, we get to know that she has a hair salon inside her home where she does her hair, cuts, and colors them herself. She herself has reddish borne thick hair which she likes to cut herself.

Profile summary:

Kyle Richards since a very young age has been in the industry and has earned her name till now. She is a very kind human who has donated several times. She supports many causes including cancer, suicide, depression and civil rights along with other causes.

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