Dorit Kemsley Net Worth & Biography (2022)

Dorit Kemsley Networth: $60 Million

Date of BirthJuly 16, 1976
Birth CityWoodbridge, Connecticut, United States
ProfessionFashion designer

The well-Known Celebrity of America is Dorit Kemsley. She has an attractive and charming personality. Here, I will tell you the Dorit Kemsley Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, Personal Life, Career, and much more.
Let me discuss the introduction of Dorit!


Dorit Kemsley is born on 16 July 1976 in Woodbridge, Italy. She is a reality star, and also she is a fashion designer. Dorit joined in 2016 “ The Housewives of Beverly Hills” in the seventh season.

In Italy, she is also known as Dorit fashion designer. When the Dorit began work in ‘The House of Beverly Hills,’ she became more popular. Furthermore, the father of Dorit Kemsley was a businessman in Italy. Her father’s name is ‘Shalom Lemel.’

Moreover, the father of Dorit Shalom Lemel is an Israeli by birth.

Dorit Kemsley Net Worth & Biography


Her birth name is Dorit Kemsley, and her nickname is Dorit. The date of birth of Dorit Kemsley is July 16, 1976. And, her hometown is Woodbridge in Italy. Moreover, she has an American Nationality. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

If talking about her religion, then she is Christian. Dorit’s current location is in New York City, United States. Moreover, she is famous due to her starring in the reality series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” And she is also famous as a fashion designer.

Furthermore, about her body, she has Height of 5 feet 5 inches. Her weight is 53 Kg, which is a perfect weight. Additionally, the Bra size of Dorit is 36 inches. Her waist size is 32 inches, and the size of Dorit’s Hip is 36 inches.

Her brown eyes and Blonde hair raises the beauty of Dorit Kemsley. She wears 7 US size shoes. Although she is married, so her husband’s name is “Paul Kemsley.” Moreover, Dorit has two children. The name of her Son is “Jagger Kemsley,” and her daughter’s name is “Phoenix Kemsley.”

Furthermore, she also likes the actor and actress. Her favorite actor’s name is “Robert Downey Jr.,” and her preferred actress’s name is “Jennifer Lawrence.” Additionally, the favorite food of Dorit is ‘Italian Cuisine,’ and her favorite colors is “Green and Blue.”

Dorit Kemsley’s hobbies are, listen to music, Modeling, and Cocking. Moreover, Dorit Kemsley Net Worth is 60 Million US dollars.

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Early Life

Dorit was born on 16 July 1976 and grew up in Woodbridge, Connecticut. The family of Dorit was not a famous family. Her father’s name is Shalom Lemel, who was an Israeli by birth. When the Dorit reached the age of 19 years, she left her birthplace.

Additionally, the reason for left her birthplace is, she wanted to fulfill her childhood dream. The dream of her childhood is to travel the World. After leaving her Birthplace Woodbridge, Dorit went to Italy.

Furthermore, she got a degree of Bachelor in Marketing skill, Design, and Communication from the University of Italy. Dorit worked for ten years in Italy in the Global Swimwear firm. Additionally, she wants also to make her swimwear brand.

To complete her wish of a swimwear company, Dorit returned to New York City. Dorit met with Paul Kemsley during her business meeting. Paul Kemsley and Dorit decide to marry after seeing for a long time to each other.

Nowadays, Dorit’s swimwear company makes the top and bottom swimwear lineup. Dorit Kemsley entered in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as a sixth wife in the seventh season of the reality series.

Her performance in reality series became the cause of the popularity of Dorit Kemsley. Approximately, the Dorit Kemsley Net Worth is 60 million US dollars.

Dorit Kemsley Career

At the age of 19 years, Dorit left her hometown to complete her dream of traveling the World. She left her birthplace and went to Italy. In Italy, Dorit received the degree of Bachelor in Marketing, Communications, and Designing.

Furthermore, Dorit Kemsley worked in a swimwear firm for ten years in Italy. Besides, she wanted also to make her company of swimwear. So, Dorit returned to New York to complete her aim.

In 2009, Dorit started her swimwear company, which makes the Italian resort wear and also top and bottom swimwear. Moreover, Dorit is Philanthropist, who supports the “Safe Kids.” In 2016, Dorit joined the reality series.

Moreover, Dorit Kemsley began the come on the screen as the main cast member of “The Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She came in the seventh season of reality series at the place the “Yolanda Hadid” who had left the show.

However, the seventh season of reality series brought up the new twists in the life of Dorit Kemsley. She became more popular due to her appearance in the reality series. Her presence in the seventh season raised the Dorit Kemsley Net Worth.

Personal Life of Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley can speak three languages, including English, Fluently, and Hebrew. Additionally, Dorit learned Hebrew from her parents. She was living a single life when an English businessman “Paul Kemsley” met her in her business meeting of 2014.

The former couple decided to marry, and in March 2015, they got married in New York. Their marriage was a Lavish wedding in New York. Paul Kemsley serves as chairman for the “New York Cosmos” that is a newly resurrected American score club.

Besides of, Paul also served as Vice Chairman for the “Tottenham Hotspur” that is an English premier football giant league. The loving couple “Paul and Dorit” also run the ‘Nixxi Entertainment’ management agency.

Social Life Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley is a very, very active television personality on social media. Moreover, she has an account on Facebook, and more than 5k fans are following to Dorit Kemsley.

She also has an account on Twitter. About an estimate, she has a more than 94.8k followers on Twitter. Dorit Kemsley’s account of Instagram is also available, and on Instagram, she has 644k followers.

Dorit Kemsley Net Worth

She is one of the best Celebrities, who makes a good fortune for herself. Moreover, she has also a swimwear company. Additionally, Dorit Kemsley also a fashion designer. So, she earns a good net worth.

About an estimate, the Dorit Kemsley Net Worth is 60 million US dollars.

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