Cameran Eubanks Net Worth & Biography (2022)

Cameran Eubanks Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Date of Birth21 November 1983
ProfessionReality Television Star


Cameran was born on 21 November 1983 in Anderson, South Carolina, USA. She is an actress and model of America. Moreover, Cameran is also the star of the reality series.

Furthermore, Cameran is one of the cast members of Bravo’s “Southern Charm.” Cameran starred in “The Real World,” “Watch What Happens,” and “The Challenge” on ‘MTV.’


Cameran Eubanks Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, and Career

You can know the complete information about the Cameran Eubanks by reading the whole article. Let’s I tell you the biography, Early Life and Career!


The date of birth of Cameran is 21 November 1983. Her Birth name is Cameran Eubanks. She has the age of Thirty-Five years. Furthermore, her Birthplace is Anderson, South Carolina.

The Zodiac Sign is Scorpio, and the nationality of Cameran is America. Moreover, her Ethnicity is White. Her father name is ‘Robert,’ and the name of her mother is Bonnie Eubanks. She has one sister in a sibling who has the name of Cayce Eubanks.

Besides, the height of Cameran Eubanks is 5 feet 6 inches. She has a profession of reality TV personality, and also a real estate manager. Her husband name is “James Wimberly.” Moreover, she also has a daughter, and her daughter name is “Palmer Corrine Wimberly.”

Early Life

Cameran Eubanks is the older daughter of her parents “Robert and Bonnie Eubanks.” The reality TV star was born on 21 November 1983 in Anderson South Carolina United States.

Additionally, when she reached at the age of three years old, her parents got divorced. At the “Boulevard Company” her sister ‘Cayce Eubanks” is the real estate agent. Moreover, Cameran Eubanks received a degree of Bachelor from the University of Carolina.

Furthermore, Cameran grew up in the upper-class family. Sadly, she reached a low point when her parents got separated. At the time of her parents divorced, she was read in the High School.

Moreover, Cameran is a friendly behavior. At the age of 8 years, Cameran diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating is a primary symptom of this medical condition.

Cameron’s mother noticed that she is more sweat than age. Her mother took her and go to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor said that she has Hyperhidrosis.

Many people that suffer from the same condition do not need special attention like in another medical condition.

Business Career

Cameran started her career as an actress. She worked in the reality television series. Due to the appearance in the reality series “The Real World,” she became the most popular actress in 2004.

Moreover, she worked in the “ The Challenge” on MTV. Cameran also hosted a “Girl Gone Wild” in the same year. Southern Charm made her screen debut on 3rd March 2014.

Additionally, It reveals the come down social activities through family generations in Charleston, South Carolina. The parents of Cameran was the part of generational families to emerge from Charleston, South Carolina.

Moreover, due to this reason, the making reality series show was perfect for Cameran. In the beginning, the reality show involved around the Cameran Eubanks, Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose, Whitney Sudder-Smith, Craig Conover, and Jenna Kings.

With time, the progress of the show was increasing. After the Jenna Kings premiere season, Jenna left the show. Besides of, Thomas Ravenel left the show in the fifth season, and Whitney Sudder-Smith also left the show in the third season by following the Jenna.

After leaving the previous members, a total of three new cast member brought up immediately. Calhoun Dennis, AustenKroll, and Chelsea Meissner came in the second, fourth, and fifth season respectively.

Moreover, many people liked these television personalities very much. According to the IMDB ratings, throughout the fifth season, the show has a rate of 5.8/10. Also, the show has 67 episodes.

Furthermore, in South Carolina, Cameran worked in Charleston Pizza restaurant named “ Mellow Mushroom.” Moreover, she also worked in the cosmetic industry. Nowadays, Cameran Eubanks is a real estate broker. The Cameran Eubanks Net Worth increased due to its fantastic performance.

Personal Life of Cameran Eubanks

Cameran Eubanks announced in 2014 that she is getting married to the “James Wimberly.” Moreover, she gave birth to her first baby in November 2017. The first baby of Cameran was a daughter named Palmer Corrine Wimberly.

Furthermore, in 2018, Cameran explained about her pregnancy with her daughter via Instagram Post. During their fourth marriage anniversary, she captured a photo with her husband and daughter.

Cameran and her husband James are enjoying their life full of love. Nowadays, sweet couples are very rare in a new generation like Cameran and her husband.

Social Life

Cameran Eubanks is very active Celebrity on social media. Moreover, she has got several fans from all over the World. Cameran has accounts on Twitter and Instagram, but she has no account on Facebook.

On Facebook and Twitter, a lot of people are following Cameran Eubanks. Approximately, more than 859k fans are following her on Twitter and Instagram also.

Cameran Eubanks Net Worth

As real estate manager and reality star, Cameran earns a good fortune for herself. Moreover, cameran is also a member of “Bravo’s Southern Charm.”

Cameran Eubanks has also starred in the opening season of “The Real World” on San  Diego, and “Battle of Sexes 2” and “The Gauntlet 2” on MTV. Cameran Eubanks Net Worth is 1.5 Million US dollars approximately.

In Charleston, Cameran has a luxurious house. Her house has a feature of Art designing and excellent artwork. Moreover, Cameran took her years to build her unique house.

Besides of, Cameran has worked in a Pizza restaurant named “Mellow Mushroom” in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition, Cameran Eubanks also worked in the cosmetic industry for a long time.

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